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Your website doesn’t have one of those pop-up cookie menus – are you tracking me?

Short answer: I hope not! I have turned off every cookie and tracking setting that I can find and still have the website function.
Long answer: See my cookie policy page.

Do you have any formal art training?

I took a couple drawing and painting classes in college, and I also took a summer class on comics through the CCA Extension program, which I found enormously helpful.

What programs and equipment do you use for drawing?

My favorite way to draw right now is with Procreate on my iPad, but depending on what I’m doing, I also use a variety of other programs including Clip Studio Paint and some Adobe programs. I used to have a Huion tablet that I found satisfactory (although not as good as the iPad), but it seems to have disappeared when I moved, which is very annoying.

Why do you only sell products in the US?

Right now, my shop only sells and ships to the US because I haven’t figured out how to handle taxes and shipping fees for other countries. I’m sorry about that! If you are interested in buying something and liver somewhere else, send me an email at [email protected].

I have questions about your shop policies!

There is a page for that.