Shop Policies

Please understand that I am a single person designing products and processing orders. It is just not possible for me to offer the same degree of customer service that a larger business can.

Order cancellations

To cancel an order, please email [email protected] with all your order information. To guarantee cancellation, the request to cancel the order must be received within one (1) hour of order placement. If you send an order cancellation request more than one hour after placing the order, I will still try to cancel it, but if my fulfillment partner has already processed the order, it may be too late.

Returns & Exchanges

In general, it is not possible for me to process returns or exchanges. Products are made to order, and I do not have the time or space necessary to handle returns.


Refunds are possible in limited circumstances, such as when a product arrives damaged or there are clear manufacturing defects. Refunds are not possible if you just don’t like something, or if there was a misunderstanding about the product description. Email [email protected] with all your order information and photos of the product for all refund requests.

Need help?

For any other customer service concerns, please use this form to send me an email.