A collection of white and blue cotton dish towels sitting in a basket on top of a wooden table.

Non-paper towels

A couple months ago, I visited a friend and discovered that she had mostly switched from using paper towels to […]

Painted post

The other week I participated in a fun community art project! The art center in my town supplied blank wooden […]

Bookshelf covers

If you have both bookshelves and a child of a certain age in your home, then you have experienced the […]

Big comfy dress

This is a pretty simple dress, but I designed and drafted it myself, so I’m excited to share it! The […]

Picture of a person wearing a boxy, open front jacket over clothes that aren't relevant to the post. The jacket is made from a lightweight canvas that is black with a printed pattern of zig-zagging white lines over it.

Cardigan jacket

I didn’t really take pictures as I was working on this, but I was pretty proud of how it turned […]