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Painted post

The other week I participated in a fun community art project! The art center in my town supplied blank wooden posts. We had a couple weeks to decorate them and return them, and then they were put on display by the town’s visitor center.

I have never done a group project quite like this before, but I thought I’d give it a try. The biggest challenge for me was working with exterior paint on wood – I don’t have much experience with either of those materials, and I found it tricky to get clean lines. The white paint especially was quite runny no matter how much I stirred it. It didn’t give even coverage, and even when I used painter’s tape, it had a tendency to leak through. I corrected it as best I could in the time I had, and I think in the end it looks really good (as long as you don’t get too close)!

Book binding experiment

I saw a thread on twitter about how to make your own sketchbook and thought, “Hey, I have all the supplies needed for that! Let’s try making a book!”

I have since lost the tweets in question, so unfortunately I can’t link you to the guide I followed, but it turns out that book binding is much easier than I thought it was. It took a really long time though, so I don’t think I’ll get into doing this regularly.

The cover is a lightweight canvas wrapped around cardboard, and the pages are watercolor paper that I had lying around.