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Progress photo of a crochet blanket. There are 6 diamond shapes arranged in a 6-pointed star. Each is a different bright color (blue, purple, magenta, salmon pink, orange, green). This picture is a close up on where the points touch, showing the texture details including bobbles and lines.

My first crochet-along!

I have way too many unfinished creative projects, but I couldn’t resist starting the Ubuntu crochet-along, designed by Dedri Uys and organized by Scheepjes. The other blankets I’ve made using Dedri’s patterns have turned out really good, and I really wanted to try doing the blanket week by week as new parts of the pattern are revealed!

Unfortunately, I haven’t been keeping up with the CAL very well. The 4th part was released on Wednesday, and I only finished Part 2 today, so I’m almost a week and a half behind. I’m really enjoying this pattern though. I’m using the large kit from Scheepjes, and at first I felt a little envious of the colors in the medium kit, but the bigger the diamonds get, the more I like these colors. I think it’s because of how variegated the yarn is – with small pieces, it’s hard to see them as a single color, but once the pieces start to grow, the two tones of the yarn blend together more visually. Besides, I think the person this blanket is for will like the darker colors of the large kit better than the pastels of the medium kit.